Why Is A Logo Important?

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When I first started learning about design, I was stunned at the amount of thought that goes into branding. I had never really considered it; and didn’t realise how much branding informed the decisions that I made on a daily basis. Once I began to learn more, I realised how I gravitated towards certain brands because I recognised their logo. I could be anywhere in the world, but if I saw a logo that I recognised I would automatically have a sense of assuredness and familiarity.

Why Is A Logo Important?

In a previous post I discussed the importance of branding, and how it can impact the perception of a blog or business. A logo is one of the most important aspects of a brand because it allows people to see get a glimpse of who you are and what you can do. It’s often overlooked but it can be the difference between attracting business or chasing it away.

What Should A Logo Consist Of?

Ultimately, a logo should be really clear and doesn’t necessarily need to be literal. Think of famous logos like the Nike Swoosh or the Apple logo, which aren’t necessarily literal, but work seamlessly with the overall branding to create an association with their product. If you’re logo is effective, it should capture the essence of your brand and show your audience how you’re different.  There are so many ways to approach getting a logo; and one of the mistakes many people starting out tend to do is to focus on price over quality. Yes – there are plenty of designers offering cheap logos, but as with everything, you get what you pay for. Investing in a designer who may charge more but knows what they are doing, will save you so much time and effort in the long run. Before you agree to anything, consider shopping around for a designer who will create a good quality logo.

What To Consider Before Getting A Logo

Lastly, some things to consider before getting a logo:

  • Determine what your brand offers
  • Research and understand your target audience
  • Ensure your name reflects what you want your logo to convey

Hopefully this has helped you learn more about what logos are and what they can do for your brand! If you need help with how to apply your branding to your website, why not book a website audit?

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