3 Things To Do Before Working With A Web Designer

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I recently had an interesting experience with a customer who I met through a referral. Initially, he seemed really clear on what he needed, but after having our consultation I realised it was quite the opposite! For this reason, I think that consultations are so important, as they allow you to find out if you’re a good match before any work is done. This can save a huge amount of time for both the client and designer. However, I think that there are a few things that prospective clients should be aware of before reaching out to a designer. Here are three tips to help you out if you’re a bit confused on what to expect!

Know What You Want

Before you reach out to anyone, it’s important to know exactly what you need and why you need it. For example, if someone sells cakes at a market stall and then decides that they need a website, they could feel that it would help them to sell their products online, show more of their story and have a blog page to keep their existing customers up to date. Knowing your why can make a meeting with a designer a gazillion times easier.

I would suggest writing down a quick list of what your goals are, and how obtaining a website or logo will help you achieve it. You don’t have to know exactly what you want the website to look like, but it is necessary to have an idea of why you need what you want and how having it will positively impact your business or brand.

Be Prepared For Questions

As part of my process, I ask as many questions as possible about you, as well as your business or brand story. I do this in order to make the design experience seamless and to help you create something that will benefit you in the long term. I always tell prospective clients how important knowing who they are is to the design process; after all, if you don’t know what your business or brand has to offer how can any customers?

Figure Out If The Designer Is The Right Fit

In the past I’ve had several enquiries about website design, that turned into a need for web development. It’s fine to change your mind or be confused about aspects of a designer’s work. However, it’s also helpful to learn a bit about the designer or company that you want to work with before getting in touch. Whether you need a web designer, web developer or graphic designer, it’ll save you time to learn a little bit about the job role and what they can do for you. This ties into my previous point about knowing your why. If you’ve figured out what exactly you need, then it’ll make it way easier for you to decide who you need to work with to make it happen.

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